Case Studies

Datatility Logo

Datatility is a leading provider of data center services known for delivering innovative
solutions that keep businesses running smoothly and without interruption. Founded
in 2003, Datatility's operations are based within the Equinix Ashburn Virginia data
facility and consist of a dedicated team of network and storage engineers. Datatility's
solutions address a wide range of data storage and network support needs, including
storage, backup as a service, disaster recovery and network services. More>>

NASA Ames Research Center
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As one of the leading high-performance computing (HPC) sites in the world, the NASA Ames Research Center generates approximately 1.5 PB a month of data related to research and simulations. Its existing data storage solution was nearing end of life and needed to be replaced. The center needed a solution that allowed for fast tape mount times and easy access, was cost effective, and provided a way for them to easily manage the lifecycle of the media. More>>

National Institute of Health
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Transforming raw information into useable knowledge requires a highly accessible and reliable technology infrastructure to archive, access, analyze, manage and link the overwhelming volume of molecular-level data currently being generated by diverse research laboratories worldwide. Without this infrastructure in place, fragmented data access could lead to incomplete or misleading results. More>>

Productionfor Logo

Productionfor uses the Crossroads System StrongBox in their active archive to store video content, enhance workflow and reduce overall storage expenses. More>>


NERSC Accelerates Data Access and Exceeds Reliability Standards with Active Archive. More >>

German Federal Archive
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The [German] Federal Archive preserves more than 300 kilometers of files and photos. Increasingly many digitized documents are also being added to its collection. More >>

Max Planck
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Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy uses GRAU DATA's ArchiveManager for big data from pulsar research. More >>

University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota Research Institute selects Active Archive to support high volume supercomputing and scientific computing environment. More >>