Case Studies

University of Oslo
University of Oslo

Founded in 1811, the University of Oslo is Norway’s largest and oldest institution of higher education. The University has over 27,000 students, 5,900 staff and over 250 employees in the University Center for Informatioin Technology Services (USIT) to supposrt its IT infrastructure. More>>


Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the state of Illinois and the University of Illinois, the Blue Waters project is designed to meet the compute-intensive, memory-intensive, and data-intensive needs of a wide range of scientists and engineers. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) provides 100% of the nearline storage for Blue Waters.  More>>

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Managing CyArk's growing stores of data and safeguarding the world's cultural heritage in the most cost-effective manner possible required a different approach to data storage - one that uses advanced tape technologies to deliver the simplicity and performance of disk drives at a much more affordable price point. What CyArk needed, was an active archive. More>>

NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Ames Logo

As one of the leading high-performance computing (HPC) sites in the world, the NASA Ames Research Center generates approximately 1.5 PB a month of data related to research and simulations. Its existing data storage solution was nearing end of life and needed to be replaced. The center needed a solution that allowed for fast tape mount times and easy access, was cost effective, and provided a way for them to easily manage the lifecycle of the media. More>>


NERSC Accelerates Data Access and Exceeds Reliability Standards with Active Archive. More >>

University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota Research Institute selects Active Archive to support high volume supercomputing and scientific computing environment. More >>