New Active Archive Webinar Series

Join us for an exciting webinar series presented by leaders from the Active Archive Alliance. Our goal is to align the education and technologies needed to meet the rapidly evolving requirements for data archive.

Alliance members strive to extend solutions beyond the high-end supercomputing and broadcast markets to the greater general IT audience that is in need of online data archive options. The following three-part series will help to educate and promote active archive strategies for data storage.

Thursday, June 2 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

Object Storage May be the Cloud You are Looking For

  • Why use object storage?
  • Learn more through examples from organizations currently using object storage in an Active Archive solution.

    Hosted by: Quantum/HGST

Tuesday, June 7 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

Best Practices in Leveraging Active Archives to Solve Data Protection and Cloud Requirements

  • What is block, file, object?
  • How is this defining new approaches to active archive and object storage?
  • What considerations should customers take into account when implementing?

Hosted by: Spectra Logic/DDN Storage        

Tuesday, June 21 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

MLB Network Hits Home Run with Active Archive     

  • What is active archiving and why is it important today?
  • A quick lesson: backup vs. archive - what’s the difference?
  • Technologies used for archiving: tape, cloud, disk, flash and data movers.

Hosted by: Fujifilm/StrongBox Data Solutions       

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