Active Archiving and LTO tape DRIVES the Cloud


It is interesting to see all the different ways that LTO tape based solutions have been used in conjunction with best-of-breed active archive solutions, while remaining below most people’s radar screens.  Thanks to the Active Archive Alliance we are now bringing recognition to these innovative approaches which will only help to further promote the benefits of active archiving and tape.  Below I discuss how LTO tape and active archiving is enabling an emerging solution for cloud-based medical record and image archiving.

Telepaxx Medical Archiving is one of the leading vendors in Europe of PACS vendor neutral archiving (VNA).  For over 10 years, they have provided DICOM based cloud storage for healthcare customers in need of long term storage of medical images.  Recently, they teamed with GRAU DATA, an Active Archive Alliance Contributing Member, to complement their cloud offering by providing a gateway for file based archiving into the Telepaxx cloud.  This allows file based solutions like content management, email archiving and Electronic Health Records to be stored in the same infrastructure as DICOM based medical images.  Now healthcare customers have a single consolidated archive for all their enterprise data, in a secure cloud based archive.

The success of this solution over the years has been Telepaxx’s ability to store data in a secure, private and cost effective manner.  It is the key attributes of LTO tape that has enabled the success of this solution over the years:

Removability – Allows extra copies of encrypted images to be stored in secure off-site vaults.

Customer Privacy – Individual tapes for each customer which insures each medical institution’s data is maintained separately.

Low power consumption – Facilitates managing multiple petabytes of images with a small energy footprint.

Future proof – Medical images are stored for extended time periods, longer than the usable lifetime of any storage technology.  LTO’s roadmap to higher tape capacities and performance coupled with an automated forward migration capability means the image is preserved for its useable life on the most recent generation of LTO

Cost Effective – The lowest dollar per GB of any storage technology enabling customers to utilize cloud storage at the lowest possible cost. 

High Scalability – Provides a small footprint in a data center while scaling into the multiple petabytes range.

Capacity on demand – Facilitates capacity expansion with minimal hardware investment.

It is all of the above key attributes of LTO technology coupled with the active archive solutions which has enabled Telepaxx to offer such unique capabilities to their customer base.  We are sure that more companies will be offering tape-based cloud services based on all the benefits mentioned above.  Telepaxx’s successful deployment of this strategy for over 10 years has demonstrated that an archive can outlive the useable life of an individual storage technology, without impact to the customer or applications using the storage.  Only the combination of active archive with LTO tape can provide the benefits of a cost effective, future proofed cloud storage solution.