The Problem: Difficulty managing and accessing data

Disk Disk Tape Active Archive Application

The Solution: Active Archive

  • An active archive gives you access to all your data, all the time.
  • Active archive is a combined solution of open systems applications, disk, and tape hardware that gives users an effortless means to store and manage all their data.


Intelligent Data Management Framework That Provides…

  • Ease of Use: Unified management for data regardless of tier
  • Scalable Solutions: Effectively manage data from terabytes to exabytes
  • Lower Cost: Reduce cost per TB as much as 75%
  • Compliance: Provides ability to achieve regulatory retention requirements

By applying an active archive software layer that allows the existing file system to expand over disk and tape library technologies, organizations can now build a persistent view of the data in their archives, making it easier to access files whenever needed. The diagram below illustrates how you can easily implement an active archive deployment alongside a data protection strategy.

Active Archove Environment

The INSIC report "International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap - Part 1: Applications and Systems" says: "For active archive – that is, data that has moved from primary disk—the tape copy serves as the primary copy. This permits all data to be accessible all the time. Typically the data moves to tapes tier 2 or tier 3. This reflects a trend to increase tape's use for nearline retrieval of information that is less actively accessed than the information kept on disk. Tape is more reliable than disk, has a much longer archival life, and much lower power and cooling requirements. It requires a few minutes of latency in retrieving data—two minutes or less, typically, in contemporary tape automation systems." Read the full report here!